Living Amongst The Projects

I’m a creative person. I think constantly. I think about everything; always coming up with ideas. Ideas about movies, books, inventions, stories, improvements, problem solving, and drumming up countless what-ifs that have no relevance whatsoever to anything of any sort.

As humans we constantly want to DO something, and we even attach our self-worth to what we can or cannot accomplish. I personally want to become an engineer, either mechanical or electrical. I want to build a robot army and take over every ice cream shop in the world. I will have ice cream selling robots.

Other than that, I want to make movies. I want to write books, I want to write stories, and I want to act in movies. I want to learn all the languages on the planet starting with Spanish, then Japanese, then German, then Hebrew, then Latin. The rest will follow. I want to build inventions; all kinds. I continually want to make or create something.

My biggest passion is movies; which is difficult for me. It’s difficult for me to think that I want to excel in the world of pretend. That I want to create something unsubstantial and fictional that will not stand the test of time. Yet increase time by any factor and eventually nothing will stand the test of time; whether you believe in God or not. Whatever man-made structure you build or invent, no matter how fantastic and indestructible it may seem; I doubt it will last more than 900 trillion years (if even comes close).

In the end, no man-made creation will last.

So I have come to an impasse, and I need to make my decision. In what will I invest my time? Will I invest in one of my own ideas? Knowing that no matter how great one of them might be (which none of them are that great at all); it will be a futile endeavor. Or do I invest in God’s ideas, which are forever?

A thought crossed my mind. I have one of two options. I can TRY to make the most amazing movie of all time. The most fantastic story with the most fantastic characters and the most fantastic hero.

Or I can BE the story. A unique and incredible story that everyone will watch on Judgement Day.

I can be in a movie, or I can BE the “movie.”

I can build an invention or a project, or I can BE the project. Surrendering my life and letting God do a work in me and build Himself within me; transforming my life continually and affecting all the lives that I encounter.

The decision is easy, but the steps that follow are difficult. God in his ultimate wisdom and genius wants to include insignificant me (and everyone) into his awesome plan for the ages.

How can I say no?

Whatever I build is less than a sand castle during a hurricane. Whatever God builds is forever.

I want to be a part of God’s ideas, not vice versa.

– Jesse