Preparing for the Future

Having a daily diet of national news sprinkled with some local news pundits cannot only give you heartburn but also make you uneasy concerning America’s future. With the world’s financial markets going up and down like the proverbial yo-yo, Israel lives under the constant threat of war, even our own economy is being effected. Our dollar bill’s buying power is shrinking and jobs are being more scarce.

cutebun2 (1)When one looks at the future of our country it should cause parents who truly love their children to rise up and do all they can to prepare them for their future. One who leaves these innocent minds unprepared are reckless at best and unloving at worst. Today’s parents spend less time teaching their children about God and more about fictional characters being marketed for commercial gain, such as Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy. Easter (Resurrection Sunday) is only a few weeks away. At any time in our world’s history, to have a man rise from the dead tops the charts. As history bears this out, it is one the greatest events ever. On this representative day Jesus died for the sin of the world, (John 1:29) He was crucified and was buried. He rose again, was seen by many witnesses and then departed. The number of children who know about this incident are very few.

Our public schools have jumped on board with this misdirection by changing the name from Easter Break to Spring Break saying they are trying to not offend. During Easter parents will hide eggs for Easter eggs hunts, give chocolate Bunny’s with baskets full of goodies. They dress up their children in new clothes to be trotted off to family gatherings. The sad truth is many parents will never tell their child about Christ and His death upon the Cross for fear it may scare them or “they are too young to understand anything so complicated.”

Complicated, so having a rabbit lay eggs is normal? Wow! The indoctrination begins early covering the major holidays; Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, The Tooth Fairy, and Halloween, i.e. Trick or Treating. When did teaching lies in the name of family fun become so vogue? Why won’t parents make the same endeavor with the Truth?

I have had the opportunity to talk with loved ones and church members facing certain death. Our conversations, during these final moments, have never turned to the Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus, or even the Easter Bunny. We’ve never pondered whether or not Santa Claus really lives at the North Pole. These subjects are left untouched. When they open their hearts to talk about how they spend their sleepless nights pondering death, everything centers around spiritual truths such as; who is God, where will I spend eternity when I die.

When I die will I go to Heaven? IS GOD REAL? So with all this in mind, why wouldn’t a parent spend every moment possible teaching their child in the way he should go. While parents spend hours exposing them to these fictional characters why wouldn’t they protect them from one of their greatest enemies?

The Bible tells us of another real being, Satan. He is an adversary, a great opponent and threat to your home. Many don’t speak of him. You would think if you had a foe that was powerful, intellectual and his weapon of choice was deception, you would warn others about him, wouldn’t you?

If your friend was buying a house in a really bad neighborhood, you’d tell them before they purchased the house right? Even our own government tries to keep us informed about sex offenders that live near our homes. Yet little if nothing is ever said about this opponent.

Most pastors don’t preach about him in our churches. Scripture says he is so strong that only the blood of Christ can defeat him. God’s Word warns that Satan is like a “roaring lion seeking whom he may devour.” He is on the prowl looking for victims. The Good News is when we place faith in Jesus Christ the Holy Spirit fights on our behalf. It is faith in what Jesus Christ did for me on the Cross.

This year make an effort to tell your child or even grandchild about the real reason for Easter. It is about the Cross and the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. It was on this day ALL sin was paid for, our debt was wiped clean. This is the only way anyone can have victory over sin. This is the only sure way to prepare for the future, your eternal future.

Are you prepared? You can be!