The Threat of Global Warming

When Global Warming began I thought, “These are a few gung-ho guys in the back-room of some laboratory wanting to become famous”. I paid no attention to it. It sounded like the same fad that was advancing while I was in high school but with a different twist. Back then, we were told, “In ten thousand years we will have another ‘Ice Age’.” Fast forward and in walks Al Gore with “The
Inconvenient truth”. Global Warming is considered a dangerous threat. This theory is now gaining energy. I still thought, “Good honest folk know this is a bunch of hooey. Intelligent people see through the charade and politicking”. I was wrong. Then, one day this allegation to save the planet earth started affecting me. My grandson’s school presented Global Warming as factual. He was told to address himself properly to the subject, to acquiesce to the schools demands or fail science. He loved science, but true science, not a conjured brew like some late night television show with witches and goblins stirring a pot over a fire.

thumbriverDuring my high school years evolution was being taught as fact. I debated my foolish teachers who preached it as gospel. I’d say, “Evolution is a theory and a failed theory at that. It’s not just missing a link, the whole chain is gone!” Back then we had the freedom to stand-up and say what we believed was right. So, in my grandson case I began to research the subject. Interestingly, not everyone was preaching Global Warming as truth. Many were saying the numbers don’t add up and in reality there isn’t enough data to know which direction we’re headed, if any. I presented opposing statistically accurate information to the teacher. She claimed that Al Gore would’ve never produced this film if it weren’t correct. Really? You know this? How? Because Al is such a nice guy and would never lie? He a politician, remember! I notified the teacher this would only be taught as theory to my grandson. I do not want him brainwashed with half-truths and bad information. Stick to true science.

I could have saved the government truckloads of money, if only they would’ve asked me. I can see the President now, “Jon, will the earth be destroyed by Global Warming?” “No, Mr. President,” I would respond. The Bible declares this planet will last forever. The Bible says, “The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof.” For those of you who think changing your light bulbs, driving a more efficient car, and recycling will save the planet, I wish to pose this question to you. First, I am not for pollution or being wasteful so don’t write and tell me what I am. The Bible tells us to be good stewards of the Earth. We live in America one of the best and greatest countries in the world. Yet there are still places in the USA that do not have running water, no indoor toilets, or electricity. Our country’s national power grid system is failing and this is only one problem out of thousands. How can anyone think little ole’ me will be able to change the temperate of the earth? You are kidding, right? If Global Warming was real we couldn’t fix it anyway. It is out of our reach.

On the lighter side, allow me to muse. For the Christmas program at my grandson’s school I sat through 30 minutes of rhetoric about how if we don’t do something, the Polar Bear will be extinct, all because of Global Warming. The school even took up an offering to support their cause. For those of you who are true evolutionist, and believe in Global Warming then I ask, “Why save the Polar Bear?” Evolution teaches it’s all about the survival of the fittest. Nature takes care of herself, the weak should die and the strong remain. Man cannot be the problem because as an evolutionist, mankind is doing its natural selective part, surviving. Here’s the problem. Once God is out of the equation, you’re headed down a road of stupidity. With no moral compass, we are blind men leading the blind, both falling into the ditch. Blind people fight for polar bears, whales, dogs, and cats while condoning the killing of the innocent. Today, it’s perfectly legal to rip a baby out of their mother’s womb. Global Warming is not the problem, our real problem is we’re fallen and we can’t get up. Only Jesus Christ can help us, only faith in what He has done on the Cross will set us free. He is the Savior of the world, not man. Accept His Sacrifice and He will do the rest.