The True Global Message

In June of 2004, I was minding my own business when I came across a familiar voice on the radio. I had just finished work and was on my way home, looking for something for the drive. I had grown tired of the pop-contemporary songs on Christian radio. The top ten had become monotonous, so I started scanning the dial to find something else. I stopped on 88.9FM. I was instantly transported to my younger years where Old Fashioned Camp Meetings was the norm and the preachers preached “The True Gospel Message.” They preached with passion and with a Holy Ghost fire that brought conviction to the unrepentant sinner. The service ended with an altar call and the front was filled with lost souls weeping, crying out, “Lord save me!” During these services parents weren’t worried how late their children were up, even if school was to be attended the next day, God was the priority. People would return night after night even though they never got home much before mid-night.

blue-earthAs a teen, I remember taking high school buddies to these meeting and wondered what would they think when the man of God stepped into the pulpit and preached under the anointing. I would watch, as their hands would be raised in an unsolicited gesture to God; all because of the presence of the Holy Spirit. They would drink in the Spirit like a thirsty man who had been lost in the Sahara for days in search of water. They found that refreshing stream. They found what their soul had been longing for.

Back to the present. Now this particular radio station has been steadily heralding this long forgotten gospel message since 2004. It has not deviated from the coarse which has been set before her. What started as only two radio stations in the late 90′s has grown into a Global Christian Network that is taking the Pentecostal Message around the world and I get to be a part of it. There is only one message, one Gospel, not two, not five, not 10 but just one.

Paving the way and quietly sitting in the backyard of LaSalle and the surrounding counties is the familiar voice I heard. I am talking about SonLife Broadcasting Network, SBN. Turn the radio dial and you too can be transported into the very presence of God. With singing that sounds like angels from heaven and music that puts a skip in your step. Oh the joy of modern technology. Anybody, young or old alike can go here when they want to hear “The True Gospel Message.” It is here you will find a sample of what church should be like; this is what church in The Book of Acts was like and what your church should be like today. Parishioners are coming to realize that many of the pastors they are listening to are not really preaching. They sound more like political pundits running for a perpetual office. They never want to offend, they never want to step on any toes, and they never call evil wrong or define Holiness. These “Pulpiteers” don’t want to hurt anyone’s feeling, it is more like nice talks or fireside chats. All the while people slip into a spiritual coma, drifting off into eternity.

I can go here to find out what is happening in our nation! SBN takes the daily events and tells me how everything fits with Bible prophecy. As a preacher of the Gospel, SBN has given me a greater liberty; it has raised the standard in my preaching, the bar has been set a little higher. When “The True Gospel Message” is right all of Heaven gets behind my preaching and I have the full weight of God’s authority. Not because I am such a smart or good guy, or a great communicator, but because “The True Gospel Message” is right and that one Message is “Jesus Christ and Him Crucified”.

The Bible defines every pastor’s responsibilities and it’s his job to win souls to see lives redeemed, to see drug addicts set free, and victims of every kind of perversion delivered from their personal hell on earth. This only happens when the man of God or woman of God steps into the pulpit and begins to preach, “The Message of Christ and Him Crucified”. If your pastor is not preaching “The True Gospel Message”; God through his infinite wisdom has made this Global Gospel Message accessible to all in the Illinois Valley area through SonLife Broadcasting and available on 88.9FM, Dish, or Direct TV. Won’t you listen to a message that is setting millions free? Don’t ‘YOU’ want to be part of something that will change the very course of your eternal existence? This is “The True Global Gospel Message.”