Praise God!

testpraisegodListened to Gabe Swaggart’s program before church (Living Waters). The first song was “I am” by Grace Larson, and the Spirit of God moved during her singing. It was a confirmation to my troubled spirit that no matter what is going on in your life, “I am with you”! Isn’t God good?

Then at church today, the singers started singing “Draw Me Lord,” as the Lord was moving during prayer time at the alter! As the song came to a close, there was a Word of tongues given, and then the interpretation of tongues. As I listened, the Lord took me back to 1992 in New Lenox, IL; as we were raising three daughters in our newly built home. Right next to the grade school where all three girls went, and where we thought we were going to live the rest of our lives… Wrong! God had a different plan!

We moved to Ottawa, IL; so we could build a new house in Marseilles. Donna called churches in the area and she liked what Pastor Jon Wenger had to say. So we started attending the little store front church, one block south of our present church. They were in a building program, building a new church building between the two Ottawa exits right off I-80! I helped them when I could, as I also was building our house at the same time! For many years we were just existing as parishioners at church. Donna and I did help some with the youth and we both taught Sunday School to Jr High kids, but later we were on not really growing or maturing as Christians. Slowly growing colder and colder, not really feeling like church was doing anything for us spiritually and were really feeling like giving up, but we knew we really needed to be in church. We still loved God through it all. Along comes Sonlife Radio to Ottawa, IL.

I was listening to my favorite program on the radio 88.9FM; but it wasn’t on. Something else was on. So I listened, and listened, but had no idea who this loud preacher was. But he was preaching like I hadn’t heard preaching in over 30 years! He was preaching the Truth! Who is this man? It was Donnie! That was 2004 and I haven’t stopped listening since! In 2005, February; Pastor Jon had Loren Larson come to his new church (motel). Kristen and I went and listened to him preach, and I got very convicted of my coldness and the church I was attending. We left; rather abruptly; and the first Sunday after Easter we started attending Heritage Christian Center and have been regular attenders ever since!

“The Message of the Cross” is why God moved me and my family to Marseilles. Jesus Christ and Him Crucified! God showed me. One block from our present church “HCC” is where we attended Pastor Jon’s storefront church, and now today, one exit east of the old “new church” we attended! God showed me like in Old Testament types. That old church was like the “old man,” or the flesh trying to work for God. And now only one exit east is the “Cross Way Church” where God is going to move; and is moving; to do a great work in these last days. Just as Jesus confirmed to me today in HCC through tongues and interpretation. I thank God for JSM & Sonlife Radio, and Pastor Jon & Debbie for heeding the call of God to start a church in Ottawa, IL. Preaching Jesus Christ and Him Crucified without apologies! God confirmed to me, that is why I moved to Marseilles; to be a part of that great ministry! Praise God!