Thank You!

Dear Pastor Jon & Debra Wenger & Heritage Christian Center,

Greetings From Pastor Jeff & Liz Steiner from Promised Land Church in Watertown, Wisconsin! We here want to extend a great “Thank You” for Pastor Jon & Debra’s ministry here at the “I will Glory in the Cross” Revival meetings held at PLC June 6th – 10th.

jon-preachPastor Jon’s messages on the Cross of Christ helped “reinforce” the Word of God that we have ministered here for the last several years. Your Pastor has a deep knowledge of the Cross of Christ and the Gospel bears fruit where ever it is preached under the anointing of the Holy Spirit as it has here. Our people were greatly built up and edified by Pastor Jon’s ministry. As for Pastor Debra, her morning sessions were powerful testimonies as to how the Lord Jesus Christ sought her out and saved her soul. She was a great inspiration to us here and we have many requests for the tapes from all the meetings.

We want to encourage you at Heritage Christian Center to stand with Pastor and Debra. True ministers of the Gospel are getting very hard to find. They have a true shepherds heart and you will see the Lord do great things in your Church as you all seek Gods face and hold to the Cross.

And to Pastor Jon and Debra, we greatly enjoyed getting to know you and the wonderful fellowship we had with each other. I believe we began a friendship that will be a blessing through out our years. We hope to come down to visit you when Brother Loren Larson is there and look forward to meeting your church family. Until then, Keep the Faith and advance the Gospel of Jesus Christ as he enables you to do so!

God Bless you all richly! Pastor Jeff & Liz Steiner and PLC