Water in the Desert

If someone were to ask me to describe what my church means to me, I would have to say that it is like finding cool, pure water in a desert wasteland or like finding fresh air despite being surrounded by a rotten garbage heap. Sound extreme? Not at all. How else can you describe the experience of entering church and feeling like your very soul is taking a deep breath of satisfaction and relief because – you know that you know that you know – that you are going to hear the untainted Word of God after being inundated by the World all week? Or after having a past that includes attending churches that preached the wrong message?

There is no room in our church for man’s wisdom or work because Christ and His Finished Work on the Cross takes center stage in all that is preached and taught. You will not hear the 7 Steps to Victory or the 40 Days of Purpose coming from our pastor’s mouth because in Christ we already have Victory; in Christ we already have Purpose.

I’m not sure how many are gifted with the ability to expound the Word of God in such great detail, but the Lord has certainly bestowed this gift on our pastor. I don’t think any of our congregation takes this for granted, especially knowing that there is a whole church world out there that’s more interested in the temporal social gospel instead of the Eternal Gospel of Jesus Christ and Him Crucified.

If you are looking for a church that leads you to Christ and Him alone, please consider Heritage Christian Center . In-depth Bible studies take place some Sunday nights while other Sunday nights are sermons. Most times we are blessed with both, but regardless, it always goes entirely too fast.

– Tricia A.